what's next

I’ve been thinking about where we’re going next — thus no regular blog post this week.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to dump my self-imposed target of 850 words per post and my goal to post once a week. Most likely go longer and less often. Maybe I’ll post simultaneously somewhere else– maybe Medium. Also stop writing only as an archivist, quoting other people; instead synthesize ideas into my own words.

Stuff like that….

It will take awhile for me to reorganize, and I don’t want to rush. In the meantime, I’ve been brainstorming new article titles:

The Gospel of Fraud:  why we keep making excuses for broken promises

The Plague of Cheerfulness:  why the power of positive thinking needs to be an idea whose time came and went

The Ethics of Believing Anything You Want — and teaching others to believe it with you

More More More is Better — the Wannabe Economy keeps upping the ante, and we keep paying it

The House Always Wins — why we keep throwing good money after bad in the high-risk self-help game

Science and Snake Oil — and why we keep swallowing it

It’s Not Your Fault — the idea that you’re totally responsible for your own life destroys  you and warps your view of the world

Believing is About Believing — that’s all we get, and why we’re okay with that

Thanks for following, thanks for reading. I’ll be back.


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